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The Team

Client Centered

Courtney Hunsberger, Financial Planner

Major Bookworm – favorites are personal development books ranging from emotional intelligence to leadership. Check out The Outward Mindset by The Arbinger Institute if you haven't read it yet.

Occasional Gamer – you’ll catch me playing story-based and indie genres. Top games are Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Stardew Valley.

Devoted Foodie – whether at a restaurant or home, I am always looking for opportunities to try new foods. Homemade favorites are Chinese dumplings, Ramen and sushi.

Warm Weather Enthusiast – hiking trails, kayaking down the river or reading a book in the sun, Pennsylvania offers endless outdoor summer activities.

Client Centered

Ariel Watson, Risk Management Case Designer

Insurance Guide – I help Courtney find the best insurance for you through our access to 40+ different carriers. We also work to make the application process as simple as possible to create a better experience for all.

Financial Literacy Supporter – I believe everyone should have a basic understanding of personal finance to improve their financial opportunities. Type in “Financial Literacy” to a number of social media websites – you’ll find many influencers to follow and learn the basics.

Comic Aficionado – you’ll find me either watching a Marvel movie, catching up on the forums, or reading a comic book. Favorite superhero: Iron Man

What We Do

Spend Plan

Building your spending and saving plan the way that you want it. The process will include verifying income, reviewing spending and saving patterns, identifying preferred habits, and setting monthly targets to achieve success.

Debt Payoff

Student loans, credit cards, car debt, mortgage - you name it. Understand the debt that you owe and whether it would be beneficial to focus on paying that debt off early.

Insurance Coverage

There are so many different types of insurance to choose from. Which coverage options do you need and which can you can skip out on? I will review your current coverage then we will determine areas that you are over-insured or have coverage gaps.

Investment Analysis

Align your long-term goals with your risk tolerance, investment strategies and investment behavior. The end result is to know what you are investing in and why to build one step closer to financial independence.